Writing a java program-design coding testing and debugging

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Introduction to Computer Science

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Debugging and Testing

Debugging is a cyclic activity involving execution testing and code correction. The testing that is done during debugging has a different aim than final module testing. The testing that is done during debugging has a different aim than final module testing.

Coding, Testing, Debugging It would be nice if, having developed an algorithm for your program, you could relax, press a button, and get a perfectly working program. Unfortunately, the process of turning an algorithm into Java source code doesn't always go smoothly.

The Java support in Visual Studio Code is provided through extensions and optimized for lightweight Java projects with a simple, modern workflow. Popular extensions in the Marketplace provide essential language features such as project support, code completion, linting, debugging, testing, code.

Third one is write pseudo-code and code for the program in any user like language. Fourth step is to test the code and find the bugs from it and also test in the real world with the authorised users.

Final step is to release the program and iterate the steps for .

Writing a java program-design coding testing and debugging
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