Write a multi-user chat server and client in java

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A Java Chat Application

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A client connects; The server and the client exchange information until they're done; The client and the server both close their connection; The only pieces of background information you need are: Hosts have ports, numbered from Servers listen on a port.

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Java Articles

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Company Device Description; AGILiCOM. AGILiGATE Modbus/TCP to serial link, AG-P Network Gateway: AGILiGATE MODBUS/TCP gateway allows you to connect any Modbus serial equipment to a Modbus TCP network. It is able to work as client or server on the Modbus TCP side, and as a Modbus master or slave, on the other side.

I am having a problem in one of the teams that I am working in. One of the guys is a bit SQL happy in my opinion and wants to store the log information generated by a small python FTP downloader into a database, instead of just a nice formatted text file.

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In this article I am demonstrating a chat application which can handle multiple users at the same time.

Building a ContentProvider for Android

It also supports file transfer. It is entirely based on Java and consists of two parts: jMessenger (client application) and jServer (server application).

Write a multi-user chat server and client in java
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