Us healthcare regulations and laws

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Federal Laws

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Laws & Regulations

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EU vs US: How Do Their Data Protection Regulations Square Off?

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Hope and Healing in Harmony

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Complaints & Appeals Find out how to file a complaint or appeal a decision related to health information privacy, civil rights, Medicare, and more.

This website includes information intended for healthcare professionals. Please note that all descriptions in this website conform to the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act in Japan as well as other laws and regulations in Japan.

Agencies create regulations (also known as "rules") under the authority of Congress to help government carry out public policy.

A subjective comparison of Germany and the United States

Learn about HHS’ top regulations and how you can make your voice heard. Regulations on Refunds: We are getting multiple requests from non-contracted insurance companies stating that the patient policy actually terminated back in and they are looking for us to recoup the amount they paid.

Overview of EPA's law and regulatory information, including complying with and enforcing environmental regulations.


One way to learn about federal laws and regulations is through the federal agencies charged with enforcing them. Check the list below for links to agency sites on popular legal topics. Where no federal law exists, sites offer compilations of state laws on a topic.

Us healthcare regulations and laws
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Federal Laws | Health Information & the Law