Tuberculosis and sociology

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Addressing the social determinants of TB

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Tuberculosis in Bangladesh: The most common disease in Bangladesh is tuberculosis. Bangladesh has high rates of migration and the poor population faces poverty, overcrowding and poorly ventilated working and living conditions, all of which allow tuberculosis to spread. Tuberculosis is a major health problem internationally and brings with it a range of physical, economic and social consequences.

There is a stigma associated with having tuberculosis because the disease is commonly viewed as a ‘dirty disease’. Tuberculosis, or TB, is the world’s second-deadliest infectious disease and kills million people every year, according to the World Health Organization.

While its bacteria are easily transmitted through the air, the disease can be readily treated and cured.

Tuberculosis Research and Treatment

Background. Suboptimal treatment adherence remains a barrier to the control of many infectious diseases, including tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, which contribute significantly to. The book is essential reading for students and professionals in public health, medicine, and the history and sociology of medicine.

Georgina D. Feldberg is director of the York University Centre for Health Studies in North York, Ontario.


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Tuberculosis and sociology
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