The power and expansion of islam

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Early rise of Islam (632-700)

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Islamic Expansion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Islamic Expansion

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Early Muslim conquests

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Expansion of the Islamic state was an understandable development, since Muhammad himself had successfully established the new faith through conversion and conquest of.

The expansion of the Islamic empire in the 7th and 8th centuries - The expansion of the Islamic empire. in the 7th and 8th centuries The Great Mosque of Cordoba, Spain ( AD) Roman aqueducts in Segovia. Islam spread through military conquest, trade, pilgrimage, and missionaries. Arab Muslim forces conquered vast territories and built imperial structures over time.

Most of the significant expansion occurred during the reign of the Rashidun from to CE, which was the reign of the first four successors of Muhammad. Although the Abbasid era witnessed some new territorial gains, such as the conquests of Sicily and Crete, the period of rapid centralized expansion would now give way to an era when further spread of Islam would be slow and accomplished through the efforts of local dynasties, missionaries, and traders.

The expansion of Islam continued in the wake of Turkic conquests of Asia Minor, and Morocco in in the course of their drive to expand the power of Islam.

Inthe Arab general and conqueror Uqba Ibn Nafi established the city of Kairouan (in Tunisia) The spread of Islam in Africa began in the 7th to 9th century.

As we mentioned in the section on Arabic’s influence, above, the expansion of Islam entailed integrating Arabic into local cultural milieus. Arabic soon became a way to .

The power and expansion of islam
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Islam, The Spread Of Islam