Self interest homo islamicus and

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Homo economicus: Wikis

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What is the homo economicus?

Examples[ edit ] The display reciprocans concept states that human being economies interact with a tendency to cooperate. That is one of the key areas why classical economic social is built around him. The term homo economicus, or economic man, is a caricature of economic theory framed as a "mythical species" or word play on homo sapiens, and used in pedagogy.

It stands for a portrayal of humans as agents who are consistently rational and narrowly self-interested, and who usually pursue their subjectively-defined ends optimally.

Self-Interest, Homo Islamicus and Some Behavioral Assumptions in Islamic Economics and Finance Homo Islamicus is significantly different from Homo economicus. This paper focuses on the.

Inilah 3 Tingkatan Self-interest Homo Islamicus Dalam Ekonomi Islam

Homo economicus is "the human species in its capability to rationally decide, that is, essentially that people will act in their own best interest when making decisions."4 In constrast, The most important difference between Homo islamicus and Homo economicus is the assumption of altruism.

For a short 14 page introduction to Homo Islamicus, I recommend downloading the free paper "Self-Interest, Homo Islamicus and Some Behavioral Assumptions in Islamic Economics and Finance" by Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq, Head, Centre for Islamic Finance, Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance.

For a short 14 page introduction to Homo Islamicus, I recommend downloading the free paper "Self-Interest, Homo Islamicus and Some Behavioral Assumptions in Islamic Economics and Finance" by Dr.

Mohammad Omar Farooq, Head, Centre for Islamic Finance, Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance. Self-Interest or Community Interest As read in Chapter 2 of the course text, Adam Smith argued that self-interest is a critical element in a society’s economic development.

What is the homo economicus?

Karl Marx, by contrast, argued that society functions better when each of us is more community oriented.

Self interest homo islamicus and
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