Securing america and protecting civil liberties

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Civil liberties in the United States

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1 Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

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Civil rights guarantee equal protection under the law. When civil and political rights are not guaranteed to all as part of equal protection of laws, or when such guarantees exist on paper but are not respected in practice, opposition, legal action and even social unrest may ensue.

Some historians suggest that New Orleans was the cradle of the civil rights movement in the United States, due. Return to Responses, Reflections and Occasional Papers // Return to Historical Writings.

The Historiography of Soviet Espionage and American Communism: from Separate to Converging Paths. Civil liberties in the United States are certain unalienable rights retained by The 'Three-Fifths Compromise' allowed the southern slaveholders to consolidate power and maintain slavery in America for eighty years after the ratification of the Constitution.

"We, the people of the State of South Carolina, in convention assembled do declare and ordain [ ] that the union now subsisting between South Carolina and other States, under the name of the 'United States of America,' is hereby dissolved.".

Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties 2 Securing America and Protecting Civil Liberties Since the historically devastating attacks in New York on September 11, the country has undergone a serious identity change in terms of security and adding preventive national security measures.

Civil and political rights

Table Security and Civil Liberty: Historical Perspectives Balancing the desire for domestic security while concurrently protecting civil liberties can be a complex process.

The United States has experienced several historical periods in which countermeasures were implemented to thwart perceived threats to domestic security.

Securing america and protecting civil liberties
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Balancing Act: National Security and Civil Liberties in Post-9/11 Era | Pew Research Center