Romes constantine and the council of nicea

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Council of Nicea

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Macedonia. Persia. Germany. Baghdad, Iraq. Norway. Denmark. Ethiopia. Africa. Oct 07,  · My understanding is that a council would meet (agenda set by the Pope) for information sharing, discussion of general and particular issues of the time, and for making decisions.

Any particular council might not have need to address a doctrinal matter. The Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy. The Battle of Milvian Bridge on the Arch of Constantine, Rome, Italy.

History of the Church

The Baptism of Constantine. Detail of painting in the Room of Constantine in the Vatican Museums, painted by the school of Raphael.

Bishops from all over the Christian dioceses came together at the Council of Nicea ( AD), under protection of the Emperor, to discuss questions of faith and Church discipline. The Council laid down some church laws to protect the rights of women.

Romes republic falls and Octavian rules Rome. 64 AD 64 AD. The great fire of Rome hits. AD AD. edict of milan Law from Emperor Constantine who legalized Christianity. AD AD. Council of Nicea. AD AD. moves capital to Byzantium but renamed it Constantinople.



Christianity is declared the sole religion. Glory be Saint Constantine the great emperor who is astute * knowing it is best to forge the iron while hot. 17 Rejoice as the emperor personally hosts the first ecumenical council, * by inviting every known archbishop of the church he promotes unity not diversity.

Pagan Sacrements of the Catholic Church Romes constantine and the council of nicea
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History of the Church