Refinery and petrochemical integrated development

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Exclusive - Malaysia's Petronas, Saudi Aramco to sign deal on RAPID refinery project

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Petronas, Saudi Aramco to sign RM31 billion oil refinery deal

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Saudi Aramco buys $8 billion stake in Petronas' Rapid refinery project in Johor

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Mammoet delivers first heavy components for Refinery

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Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development or most commonly known as RAPID is a project under the development of PETRONAS Refinery & Petrochemical Corporation (PRPC) The Refinery and Steam Cracker provides the feedstock to the Petrochemical Plants.

Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical Complex

The refinery has a capacity ofbpd and the Steam Cracker will have a combined. KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Petronas, Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, and Versalis, subsidiary of Eni, have signed a Shareholders’ Agreement to set up a joint venture company that will manufacture, sell and market elastomers produced within Petronas’ proposed Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) complex in.

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Petrochemicals Integration

See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ronald’s Title: SENIOR QC ENGINEER. In late March Malaysia’s national oil and gas company, Petronas, and Saudi Aramco announced the creation of two joint ventures for the Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development (RAPID.

Reproduced with permission, World Refining, July, (Fuller version than published one) Petroleum Refinery and Petrochemical Plant Data Integration W.


Refinery and petrochemical integrated development
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