Psychotherapy and counselling

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What is the Difference Between Counseling & Psychotherapy?

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Spirituality & Psychotherapy

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Psychiatry is practised by very doctors who have done serious training in the movement of mental health. The constitution and purpose of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU) is to. bring together counsellors, psychotherapists and other practitioners from.

Counselling and Psychotherapy from therapists trained in PSI (PsychoSomatic Integration) which blends somatic therapy with ego state therapy, relational therapy, family systems, and EMDR derivatives.

Specialisms in eating disorders therapy and help for s. Psychotherapy & Counselling Course This Psychotherapy & Counselling course provides a basis to work from for many other therapies. As a holistic therapist, listening and talking to people is the core of your everyday working environment.

Psychotherapy and psychotherapeutic counselling are talking therapies. They are used to treat emotional problems and mental health issues. As well as talking, the therapy could use a range of methods including art, music, drama and movement.

About psychotherapy

This Psychotherapy & Counselling course provides a basis to work from for many other therapies. Aiming to help and understand individuals, while working towards alleviating their anxieties are the qualities of a Professional Psychotherapy Counsellor.

Find out more about the course here! There are many ways of working or 'modalities' in counselling and psychotherapy. Therapists may be trained in one approach or use techniques from different methods if they think these would help a client.

Psychotherapy and counselling
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