Pros and cons of categorical imperative

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What are pro and con points of Immanuel Kant’s theories?

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Team Squircle: Kant's Categorical Imperative

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About Kant Categorical Imperative Ethical Systems Bibliography The Three Maxims of Kant's Categorical Imperative: 1st Maxim: "act only according to that maxim whereby you can, at the same time, will that it should become a universal law without contradiction.".

One of the pro points about Immanuel Kant's theory of the moral imperative is that with individual's acting from a sense of universal rightness, according the Formula of Universal Law, moral. Categorical imperative tells us exactly what is right and wrong, giving us a clear sense of moral guidelines Kant draws a clear distinction between duty and preference Moral value of an action comes from it's intrinsic rightness so issues of teleological ethics are avoided.

1. What pros and cons do you see in the Categorical Imperative theory of decision making? Kant's Categorical Imperative This is the central philosophical concept of Immanuel Kant.

Kantian ethics

According to him, every human is equal to another and morality can be summed up in an imperative, or an ultimate co mmand, from which all duties and obligations derive.

Pros and cons of categorical imperative
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