Pregnancy and mother hood

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How Soon Can a Blood Test Detect Pregnancy?

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Care for the Premature Baby

Q Chapter 7 Nursing Care of the Family during Pregnancy T he prenatal period is a time of physical and psychologic preparation for birth and parent-hood. Babies born before the 37th week of gestation are considered premature and are sometimes referred to as “preemies”.

Mothers whose babies are born prematurely are often scared and nervous. Premature newborns have an increased risk of complications. Increasingly, pregnant women and new parents are looking for natural alternatives.

Although conventional medicine can be helpful in certain cases, natural alternatives like Essential Oil Therapy can prove to be just as effective, if not more so, for common ailments associated with childbirth and parenting.

A week into being a Mother! There's still so much to learn. For the past week, my focus was on feeding and I have left everything else to the husband. A week into being a Mother! There's still so much to learn. For the past week, my focus was on feeding and I have left everything else to the husband.

Premature Birth Complications

M y due date is in just a few days. Yep, I'm in that very last stage of pregnancy, when there's not much you can do other than watch your body swell to unbelievable proportions and reminisce of the days when you could get up without grunting.

Pregnancy and mother hood
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