Pluralist and elitist perspectives

Liberal Democracy: Pluralist and Elitist Views

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Liberal Democracy: Pluralist and Elitist Views

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Pluralism (political theory)

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Index: Political Economy Terms

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Not always an interpretation, since it is conferred upon those with more compatible views to the topic of the day. Through the views of elitism, leaders will always have a different perspective than the members of their groups.

The opposing pluralist view portrays that members of the same group form the group because they share the same views and subsequently choose a leader as a voice for the group.

What is the difference between Elitism and Pluralism? • Elitism accepts that, in every society and political system, there are certain individuals and groups who are powerful and their views are taken seriously in higher echelons of government.

Liberal democracy is also called pluralist democracy. In such a democratic structure the important thing is the institutional arrangements for sharing, implemen­tation and distribution of political power and in this system no agency or individual has overriding power over the other. Summary Elitist Pluralist Marxist Source of power elite grouping societal interests capitalist mode of production Nature of power concentrated dispersed concentrated Analysis of neutral positive critical power Ultimate verdict accept the system engage with the overthrow the system system Conclusion 1.

In contrast to that perspective is the pluralist theory of government, which says that political power rests with competing interest groups who share influence in government.

Pluralist theorists assume that citizens who want to get involved in the system do so because. Which statement most accurately describes the pluralist and/or elitist perspectives on interest groups? An elitist perspective holds that a small portion of the population controls the nation's key institutions and most of its wealth.

Pluralist and elitist perspectives
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Liberal Democracy: Pluralist and Elitist Views