Nommo and the bible

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Celestial Semiology - The Dogon, The Nommo, & The Twins

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The Poisonwood Bible

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Hearken therefore in the supplications of thy allusion, that thine eyes may be able toward this house night and day. Nommo can be depicted as a spirit that is everywhere at one time and can be anything ranging from nature to humanity.

A Christian parallel to the word nommo would be God himself. God is known as the son, the father, and the Holy Ghost. The trinity represents how God is 3 things at the same times. 2 thoughts on “ The Poisonwood Bible ” A. Barack Obama and the Nommo Tradition of Afrocentric Orality Through both dialect and nommo, President Barack Obama was able to inspire black and white audiences, altering his word choice and patterns accordingly.

Whoever or whatever it was, the Nommo still continues to lengthen its shadow on African territory, perhaps as a messenger waiting to be able to reveal ancient truths to those who have the courage and the predisposition of mind to listen to it.

May 29,  · Nature of Evil Discussion in 'Archived - Ethics & Morality' started by peter22, May 29, Excellent answer Nommo! I believe that evil comes from the hearts of men, who are animals at heart and are essentially selfish, i.e., wanting.

The Bible also teaches that God is immutable. This means that His nature is always exactly the same.

Nommo – Creative Power of the Word

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Home / Bestsellers / The Poisonwood Bible / Analysis / Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory / Nelson teaches Adah the concepts of muntu, kintu, kuntu, and nommo.

Like everything in Congolese, these words have multiple meanings. Muntu can mean man or people. May 20,  · Nommo supposedly came from the Sirius star system.

What is the significance of the Kikongo word nommo and its attendant concepts of being and naming?

The Vedas (Hindu sacred writings) are hymns to the mystic fire and the inner sense of sacrifice, burning forever on the 'altar Mind'.

Hence the abundance of solar and fire images: birds of fire, the fire of the sun, and the isles of fire.

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