Main composers characteristics and vocal approaches

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20th-century classical music

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Classical Music

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Renaissance Music () Renaissance means rebirth. They were interested in Ancient Greece and Rome. attending to all parts simultaneously. The key device used to weave this kind of texture is called imitation.

Composers were becoming more interested and aware of harmony (how notes fit against each other). The Main. main composers characteristics and vocal approaches during the early, mid and late Romantic period Essay vocal approaches during the early, mid and late Romantic period.

Renaissance Music (1450-1600)

It will accomplish this through a brief outline on great composers of these genres. Sub-Saharan African music is by a strong rhythmic interest that exhibits common characteristics in all regions of this vast territory, so that Arthur Morris Jones (–) has described the many local approaches as constituting one main system.

One of the main concerns of Classical period composers was the development and use of form.

Classical music

Composers began to focus on writing clearly sectionalized works in which harmony was one of the most distinguishing characteristics. The Four Main Musical Style Periods Associated with the Piano Repertoire • Polyphonic approaches to composition: 2 or more melodies combined.

• Nationalism – many composers took a special sense of national pride and wrote music that reflected their homeland.

Main composers characteristics and vocal approaches
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Renaissance Music ()