F155 the read write and execute

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Health Regulation Information Bulletins

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Change permissions for a file in Unix

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modify the list itself i.e. add, rename, delete names on it (of course the write bit must be set on the directory). Interesting case 1: If you have write + execute permissions on a directory, you can {delete,rename} items living within even if you don't have write perimission on those items.

As another example, to give only yourself read, write, and execute permission on the current directory, you would calculate the digits as (4+2+1)(0+0+0)(0+0+0) for the sequenceand enter the command. November, Information Bulletin NH CBC Developing Written Acceptable Plans Of Correction for SNF/NFs Purpose: The purpose of this informational bulletin is to provide assistance to providers in preparing the acceptable plan of correction (POC) when federal deficiencies are issued for SNF/NFs.

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F155 the read write and execute
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