Discounted cash flow and football field

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What Is A Football Field Graph?

Football Field Valuation Chart: How to Create It in Excel and Compare Different Valuation Methodologies for a Company. See our how-to video. What Is A Football Field Graph? For example with a discounted cash flow, you could assume that the company will have a terminal growth rate of x%, x+1% or x-1% and this would give 3 different final values.

Therefore, the discounted cash flow method will give a range of values for the company.

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This applies to all valuation methods (you can. Includes financial modeling templates of Alibaba IPO, Box IPO Model, Colgate Financial Model Template, Beta calculation, Free Cash Flow to Firm Model, sensitivity analysis model, comparable company analysis model, PE and PE Band Chart, Scenario Model and Football Field Chart.

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The weighted average cost of capital (WACC) is one of the key inputs in discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis and is frequently the topic of technical investment banking interviews.

The WACC is the rate at which a company’s future cash flows need to be discounted to arrive at a present value for the business.

Discounted cash flow and football field
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Football Field Valuation Chart: How to Create It