Culture differences between americans and vietnamese

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Culture Differences between Americans and Vietnamese Essay Sample

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12 interesting Western – Vietnamese cultural differences

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Diverse Origins and Destinations

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Knives, spoons, forks are things which are not on the table. In general, we have just told you about the differences in starting conversation between Vietnamese and American.

The differences in choosing topics and the ways of starting conversation between the two countries are seen clearly, when we. In most cases Americans and Britons have the same words for speaking about food.

A steak is a steak, apples are apples, and potatoes are potatoes. I remember the first few months in the US, I recognized there are a lot of cultural differences between America and Vietnam that made me feel "Culture shock" - is a very real experience for many people who move to another country.

I remember the first few months in the US, I recognized there are a lot of cultural differences between America and Vietnam that made me feel "Culture shock" - is a very real experience for many people who move to another country.

Vietnamese have two equally large meals per day (lunch and dinner) 7. The smell of prepared food is weak The smell of Vietnamese food is strong: 8. American food is less spicy Vietnamese use more spices: 9. Potato or bread is the main starch Rice is the main starch: Meat is cooked in big pieces, they cut it during eating.

An indepth, extremely readable and absorbing book about Vietnamese culture, and the circumstances that helped a small country with a shrewd cadre of fighters to overcome the might of the U.S.

Culture differences between americans and vietnamese
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