Cool hand luke and luke movie

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Cool Hand Luke (1967)

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Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke is a American prison drama film directed by Stuart Rosenberg, starring Paul Newman and featuring George Kennedy in an Oscar-winning performance.

Newman stars in the title role as Luke, a prisoner in a Florida prison camp who refuses to submit to the system.

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The film, set in the early s, is based on Donn Pearce's novel of the same name. Sep 19,  · best scene in the movie. Andy Kaufman Impersonates Elvis Presley and Foreign Man on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show -.

Jul 10,  · All these years after the release of "Cool Hand Luke" inall you have to do is say, "What we have here is--failure to communicate." Everyone knows the line, and everyone can identify the film, even those who may not have seen it.

And here's the curious part. As they make the connection, they 4/4. Fifty years ago today, Paul Newman introduced moviegoers to Lucas Jackson, a rebellious man who becomes a hero to his fellow prison camp members for his apparent fearlessness in Cool Hand Luke.

Lucas (Luke) Jackson: Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand. Dragline: My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs Dragline: My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs. Full text and video of movie Cool Hand Luke - A Failure to Communicate.

Cool hand luke and luke movie
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