Climate change and water conflict in

Environment and Global Climate Change

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Sea levels could also rise 0. As climate change places additional strains on water security, however, conflict over water could increase in likelihood. In rural Yemen, identity is very much connected to land and water rights, and conflicts over these rights could be the spark for larger tribal disputes.

Climate change denial

All countries depend heavily on their environment: Forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes, coral reefs and other ecosystems provide essential resources that provide food, water, shelter and energy. But those ecosystems and those resources are under incredible pressure. Climate change plays a secondary role in the origin or aggravation of social conflicts linked to water.

Political discourses must avoid directly linking climate change with social conflict and. InUN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described the conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region as the world’s first climate change conflict.

The assumption was that water scarcity from changed rainfall patterns resulting from climate change contributed to this conflict. The CLICO project sought to discover to what extent the effects of climate change — in terms of water scarcity, droughts and floods —present a threat to human security in the Mediterranean, Middle East and Sahel region, not least by exacerbating social tensions and intra- and inter-state conflicts.

CLIMATE CHANGE AND CONFLICT AN ANNEX TO THE USAID CLIMATE-RESILIENT DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORK February This publication is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

It was prepared by Engility Corporation.

Climate change and water conflict in
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Climate change could lead to China-India water conflict