Calamansi juice and kamias as alternative

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The dangerous side of Averrhoa Bilimbi (Kamias) that you must know

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The dangerous side of Averrhoa Bilimbi (Kamias) that you must know. Den April 19, All of them had history of consuming kamias juice and developed renal failure.

This experiment aims to determine that kamias (hedychium coronarium) can be used as an alternative stain the materials and procedures needed. After the experiment done,the group concluded that ginger lily (hedychium coronaarium) is a good alternative stain remover.

Health Benefits of Calamansi:

Uses of Kamias Kamias juice, because of its oxalic acid content, is useful for bleaching stains from the hands and rust from white cloth, and also tarnish from brass. Some of the toxins that can be found in non-organic dishwashing liquid include, synthetic fragrances.

Alternative Hypothesis Calamansi fruit extract can be an alternative substite for the chemicals used in making perfumes. Definition of Terms Citric Acid - Citric acid is a weak organic acid found in citrus fruits.

- Juice of fruit used for Acne vulgaris and Pruritis vulvae.

Kamias as diswashing liquid

- In Malaysia, used as an antidote for poison. - Poultice of pandanus leaves, mixed with salt and juice of citrus microcarpa, for abscesses. - In Malaya, combined with pepper to help expel phlegm. - Root used at childbirth. Kalamansi/Calamansi (Citrfortunella microcarpa) Calamansi or calamondin is a fruit tree native to the Philippines.

It is the most commonly grown backyard tree among the citrus species. We usually use this as fresh juice and condiments.

Calamansi juice and kamias as alternative
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