Brief writing and advocacy skills workshop

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Effective Legal Writing Workshop

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The Advocacy Skills workshop: A participant’s view

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‘Pocock et al () concluded that developing a school culture that supports emerging self-advocacy skills of students and provides opportunities to practice skills as they are taught and modeled in the classroom was the key to the success of their program” (Test et al, ).

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Below is a brief list of topics for individual consultations as well as classes, workshops, orientations and to register, please call FFSC (). Work and Family Life Programs Clinical Advocacy Program Counseling Services Deployment Readiness Family Readiness Group (FRG) Training Individual Augmentee (IA) Support Life Skills.

Advocacy Toolkit (UNICEF) – Chapter 3 of this toolkit provided by UNICEF is devoted to developing an advocacy strategy and gives an outline of questions that need to be asked. The chapter concluded with an advocacy planning worksheet. With ESSA, states have the flexibility to rethink how reading test results are used, and to support schools in developing children with both strong word-reading skills (e.g., decoding) and a substantial foundation of academic knowledge and vocabulary.

The Advocacy Skills workshop: A participant’s view

Issues addressed in the program include approaches to effective advocacy, payment model reform, o 1 policy brief will be written on a subject chosen for the full cohort, and/or The writing workshop will hel p prepare Fellows to complete their policy paper.

Brief writing and advocacy skills workshop
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