Aristophanes and women

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Questions about Socrates

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Women in Aristophanes

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Except where otherwise posted, the monologues we provide on this site are free to use for teaching and education purposes. Agathon (/ ˈ æ ɡ ə θ ɒ n /; Ancient Greek: Ἀγάθων; c. – c. BC) was an Athenian tragic poet whose works have been lost. He is best known for his appearance in Plato's Symposium, which describes the banquet given to celebrate his obtaining a prize for his first tragedy at the Lenaia in He is also a prominent character in Aristophanes' comedy the Thesmophoriazusae.

Dec 21,  · A performance of Aristophanes' "Assembly Women," staged by BCB alumna Maria Khan (BAPakistan) and students in Bard College Berlin's arts building The Factory. Athenian women can be classified into three general classes.

The lowest class was the slave women, who carried out more of the menial domestic chores, and helped to raise the children of the wife. Aristophanes: Aristophanes, the greatest representative of ancient Greek comedy and the one whose works have been preserved in greatest quantity.

He is the only extant representative of the Old Comedy—that is, of the phase of comic dramaturgy (c. 5th century bce) in which chorus, mime, and burlesque still played. Four Plays by Aristophanes: Lysistrata, The Frogs, A Parliament of Women, Plutus (Wealth) [Aristophanes, Paul Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Whether his target is the war between the sexes or his fellow playwright Euripides, Aristophanes is the most important Greek comic dramatist—and one of the greatest comic playwrights of all time.

Aristophanes and women
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The Women of Athens Compared to the women of Sparta