Anna and the french kiss summary

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Anna and the French Kiss

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Anna and the French Kiss

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Anna and the French Kiss: The Title is Terrible, But the Book is Great!

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Anna and the French Kiss: The Title is Terrible, But the Book is Great!

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Mer is next in student, and I transcribe her feminist phonetically. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books ever! Stephanie Perkins is a fabulous author and she created a romantic, fun, and addicting debut. Considering I visited Paris over the summer, this book was even more relevant because I recognized so many of the places Anna and her friends visited/5().

Oct 16,  · Title: Anna and the French Kiss Author: Stephanie Perkins Rating: 4 out of 5 Summary (with spoilers): Anna is sent to boarding school in Paris against her will, leaving her almost-boyfriend, Toph, and her best friend, Bridgette, in Atlanta.

Anna and the French Kiss Anna is about to head back to school but instead is going to attend boarding school in Paris, France. Concerned about leaving her best friend along with her almost boyfriend at home, she is on her way to the city of love. Anna and the French Kiss is the debut novel of Stephanie Perkins.

The book was published on December 2, through Dutton Juvenile and was written during National Novel Writing Month. The book was followed with the sequels Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily Ever Stephanie Perkins.

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is worth reading just for the beautiful descriptions of Paris and all the wonderful food there. With his English accent, stormy relationship with his father, and small, thoughtful gestures toward Anna, Etienne's a great romantic lead who'll have readers swooning, too.

Sep 07,  · But, of all the praise I can shower on Anna, I still think John Green said it best: “Anna and the French Kiss is like Maureen Johnson and I had a baby.

A French baby.” A French baby.” Recommendation: This book should be required reading for every teenage girl.

Anna and the french kiss summary
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