Analysis of feminism in pride and

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Analysis of the Feminism in Pride and Prejudice

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As they are many united against our voices, so our struggle is against both. This paper analyses feminism in Pride and Prejudice from its progressive and conservative facets. The former is reflected from the position of the manner of narrative and word picture of Elizabeth.

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Feminist studies, feminist theorists, and feminist critics all answer in one accord: No!” (Bressler ). This question and vehement reply from Bressler’s text emphasizes a gender difference between men and women; one example of this can easily be seen in Pride and Prejudice through the manner of entailments in the novel.

The feminist view found in Pride and Prejudice is well-supported in literary criticism yet little discussion has focused on Elizabeth’s feminism as seen in the prominent contrast to her female foils within the novel, namely Caroline, Jane, and Charlotte.

Each of these women conforms to the socially imposed gender norms of Regency England, while. Analysis of the feminist themes present in novel and, subsequently, adaptation, follows, and the project concludes with a discussion of some of the implications of the shift from Austen’s work to that of Green, Su, and other adapters.

In Pride and Prejudice, females become the subjects of narration and men are learned. The discursive power mastered by men is now shared by women as well. Austen deconstructed the male-centred narration and helped eliminate the discrimination against women in writing tradition.

This article is dedicated to the study of profound meaning underlying in the female social, psychological and sexual reality in the novel Pride and Prejudice in Victorian England.

Analysis of feminism in pride and
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