An assessment of the impact of akhenatens reign on religion and art

Stone quarries of ancient Egypt

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The Great Hymn to Aten

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Most of these were searched out by the priests on the Things behalf. Assess the impact and legacy of Akhenaten. Born as Amenhotep IV in BC, Akhenaten became the 10th Pharaoh of Egypt in the 18th Dynasty. His reign is now known as the Amarna Revolution, as Akhenaten revolutionised all aspects of Egypt, most notably impacting religion and foreign affairs.

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Oct 10,  · * Akhenatens reign was spent building. * Part of a new kingdom pharaoh’s role was to add to the temple of Karnack which Akhenaten completed after his accession to the throne.

* Carried on his fathers work at the temple of Karnack, but soon after developed his own religious cult. Scholars believe that Akhenatens devotion to his deity, Aten, offended many in power below him, religion prompted many innovations in the name and service of religion.

They viewed religion and science as one and the same, previously, the presence of many gods explained the natural phenomena, but during the Amarna period there was a rise in. Assessment of his life and reign Whether Akhenaten’s reign was a success or a failure is debatable among historians.

Traditionally New Kingdom pharaoh’s engaged in the promotion of Amun Re and other cults, self promotion, waging successful military campaigns, developing a foreign policy, maintaining Egypt’s prosperity, a building.

How Did Akhenaten Change Egyptian Society?

The Art of the Amarna Period by Megaera Lorenz (All of the photographs in this page, During Akhenaten's reign, Akhenaten led a remarkable artistic revolution to go along with his religious turnover.

The style he used has been called both naturalistic and expressionistic, among other things, but how one classifies it really depends on what. "Akhenaten's impact on religion, art and building was significant, but temporary" city of Thebes and set out to create a new one in central Egypt in a previously /5(6).

Akhenaten and the Amarna Period An assessment of the impact of akhenatens reign on religion and art
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