An analysis of the controversy and positive influence of rap music

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Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to be Cowboys: Country Music Causes Suicide?!

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Does Rap Music Lead to Agressive Behavior?

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The Culture and Politics of Graffiti Art

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Hip-Hop White Wash: The Impact of Eminem on Rap Music and Music Industry Economics

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Over the past decade, rap music has developed a bad reputation.

Violence & Rap Music

It is viewed by many as offensive toward women. It is also said to promote both violence and the use of illegal drugs, which constitutes a negative impact on society. Hip hop is a highly vocal culture and rap music provides its voice and its sound. The rap explosion and controversy would dramatically accelerate with the rise to national and then global influence of West Coast gangster rap.

Anticipated by Ice-T, the "original gangster". And the music continues to influence other parts of the Hip-Hop Economy.

8 Most Valid Pros and Cons of Music Censorship

For example, more than 10 years ago, some radio stations refused to play hip-hop on their airwaves - especially the rude and raw gangsta rap tunes.

It's not always easy to measure influence in hip-hop. Sometimes, for an artist, it's an abstract thing: principles, subject matter, the ideology of a rapper's ideas and ideals.

This thesis investigates the rise of the cultures and music of hip-hop and rap in the West and its effects on its female listeners and fans, especially those in academia. The thesis consists of two parts. First I conducted a content analysis of 95 lyrics from the book, Hip-Hop &. Aug 15,  · That music was jazz.

Today, Jaspects, an Atlanta-based group of young musicians who were born in the hip-hop era, fuse rap and jazz melodies .

An analysis of the controversy and positive influence of rap music
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The Politics of Race in Rap | Harvard Political Review