An analysis of disagreement between telemachus and penelope in odyssey by homer

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Suitors of Penelope

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The Odyssey Characters and Analysis

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Odysseus: Theme Analysis

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Class Period: Date: The Odyssey Unit Test Multiple Choice (2 points each) ____Which character traits does Penelope reveal in Part 2 of the Odyssey? a. Stubbornness and fear c. Prudence and loyalty Argus had been the swiftest and strongest between all the dogs. c. Telemachus thinks that Odysseus stands among the gods.


Hidden Themes from Homer's Odyssey

On the time-line handed out in class, list the main adventures in Books of the Odyssey in CHRONOLOGICAL order, starting with the fall of Troy and ending with Odysseus' homecoming. 3. Choose one of Odysseus' adventures from the tale he tells the Phaeacians.

In her construction of an "ambiguous" Penelope, Katz may have been led astray by her analysis of the etymology of kleos as "that which is heard" and becomes part of the poetic tradition (6). She assumes that kleos must therefore include "everything reported," whether it comes from Telemachus.

In the first book "The Odyssey" by Homer, we get acquainted with the son of Odysseus, Telemachus. It is here that we learn about the problem of the Odyssey and the situation in respect of the property and those who now inhabit it. The Odyssey by Homer (circa 8th century B.C.?) Homer’s epic poem tells of the Trojan War veteran Odysseus (also known as Ulysses) trying to get home and reclaim his palace from the suitors who have set their sights on marrying his beautiful wife, Penelope.

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An analysis of disagreement between telemachus and penelope in odyssey by homer
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The Odyssey Books Summary