Amir and baba

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Oct 02,  · Best Answer: Baba and Amir both betray Hassan, Baba by not acknowledging him and Amir by not coming to his defence. It is a couple of years since I read The Kite Runner, but here are some links that should help you.

The Kite Runner.The Many Faces of Baba: Father, Friend, and Foe

Also look for it at the site for Oprah’s book Resolved. Sep 16,  · Amir starts to grow jealousy for Hassan because Baba is doing all of these “fatherly” things for him.

Each winter Kabul had a kite-fighting tournament and the boy with the last kite flying was the winner, but not only that the boy who catches the last kite when it falls from the sky is a. Feb 27,  · Baba has never been an affectionate man, but Amir has also become jealous of Ali and Hassan's relationship.

Ali is a protective father figure in Hassan's life, and that is what Amir. Amir compares Baba to “the widower who never remarries but can’t let go of his wife.” Baba wanted change, but still wants what he had in Afghanistan.

The Kite Runner Chapters 10-13: Summary, Literary Devices, Analysis

For Amir, “America was a place to bury memories. The contradictory relationship between Baba and Amir is built on their different attitudes towards each other, when baba’s attitude towards Amir has changed by Amir’s success in the kite running tournament, their unharmonious relationship becomes brighter.

When Amir hears Baba say that he is going to become a great writer, Amir is surprised(I don’ think surprised gives enough credit to the emotion that Amir is feeling) that Baba has finally accepted and respected him as a person and as a son.

Amir and baba
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