Alphabet write and wipe boards

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Use these math–fact triangles again and again! Familiar triangle format offers a powerful method for building number fact fluency and teaching fact families. Bendon's Wipe-Clean Practice Boards with markers are the perfect learning resource for teachers and parents alike. Each board features learning activities designed to help children practice new skills.

Once the child has completed each activity, wipe clean and do it again! Bundles Include: TG Alphabet Wipe-Clean Practice Board (8), TG 2pk Black Wipe-Clean Markers (4). Write and wipe a set of 5 sight words. Write and wipe spelling words; Write several words on the board. Call out a word and have them wipe it off.

Write 5 words on the board. Let the child wipe them off in alphabetical order.

Write-On/ Wipe-Off Boards

alphabet tracing worksheets or mats (alphabet write and wipe cards) #‎HANDWRITING‬ ‪#‎PRACTICE‬ #WRITE AND #WIPE# MATS: Great for beginning writers! Each card includes a letter formation picture guide, a picture beginning with that letter and dotted letters for kids to trace.

This write and wipe addition and counting mat can be used over and over to practice addition within And while the counting bear pictures are provided if you have real teddy bear counters that would be an added tactile bonus.

Boards include sturdy plastic handle and measure 11"L x 3 3/4"H.

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Set of 5 double-sided write & wipe boards features one side for large numbers up to the millions; the reverse for small decimals to the thousandths place.

Alphabet write and wipe boards
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Bendon 8pk Wipe-Clean Alphabet Boards and 8pk Dry-Erase Markers - VIP Outlet