A personal interpretation of the hebrews prophet isaiah and amos

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Introduction to Isaiah Son of Amoz

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Amos (prophet)

He was a man of humble birth, neither a "prophet nor a prophet's son," but "an herdman and a dresser of sycomore trees," RSV He prophesied in the days of Uzziah, king of Judah, and was contemporary with Isaiah and Hosea (Amos ; Amos Amos ; Zechariah ), who survived him a few years.

Under Jeroboam II. the kingdom of Israel rose to the zenith of its prosperity; but that was followed by. Amos (Hebrew: עָמוֹס, Modern: Amos, Tiberian: ʻāmōs) was one of the Twelve Minor Prophets. An older contemporary of Hosea and Isaiah, Amos was active c.

– [1] BCE during the reign of Jeroboam II. Jeremiah, the Prophet of Personal Piety: an interpretation of Amos, Hosea, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Deutero-Isaiah a schema:Book, schema:CreativeWork; Comparison of Hebrew prophets with Greek philosophers -- Function of prophet and priest contrasted.

Was Isaiah familiar with the prophecy of Amos? up vote 7 down vote favorite. 1. This question came up in reading Isaiahexcerpted: Now the rest of the acts of Uzziah, from first to last, Isaiah the prophet the son of Amoz wrote. And an untrained examination of the Hebrew reveals that the same root Hebrew words are being used.

As has been mentioned, Isaiah, the son of Amoz, was a member of the royal family. He made his first public appearance as the Divinely inspired prophet in the year of Uzziah's affliction with leprosy, and he ministered to the people for about ninety years, during the reigns of kings Uzziah, Jotham.

Isaiah 10:1-6 The Hebrews Prophets: Isaiah & Amos

It is of interest, in this regard, that the Chronicler refers to him as a royal historian: “The other events of Uzziah’s reign, early and late, were recorded by the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz” (2 Chronicles ).

From this vantage point, he responded to the turns of political power with God’s word to him.

A personal interpretation of the hebrews prophet isaiah and amos
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Prophetic Dreams and Visions in the Hebrew Bible