A literature review of emergency and

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A Literature Review of Emergency and Non-Emergency Events

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PLSs are tempted using standard content, structure and most to ease understanding and find. The main objectives of this paper are to review the existing literature in order to assess the evidence for managing patients dying in the emergency department, and to identify areas of improvement such as supporting different models of care and evaluating those models with health services research.

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A Literature Review on Care at the End-of-Life in the Emergency Department

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Fire Protection Research Foundation report: "A Literature Review of Emergency and Non-Emergency Events" (PDF) Author: Minkyu Lee, Fire Protection Research Foundation Date of issue: August Executive summary NFPALife Safety Code®, contains information that is useful not only in fire related emergencies but also in non-fire emergencies and non-emergency.

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and the introduction of new roles in emergency departments, there are still significant gaps within the literature. There is a need for assessment of the effectiveness of various emergency department-wide staffing profiles (rather than just individual teams within an emergency department).

Jan 21,  · Emergency physicians provide care for patients with a wide variety of medical conditions in diverse clinical scenarios. The wide scope of practice and resultant required breadth of knowledge demand frequent use of the latest medical literature.

Scholars of emergency preparedness and disaster response emphasize the need for knowledge acquisition, social networks, and resources for emergency readiness (Levac, Toal-Sullivan, & OSullivan, ).

A literature review of emergency and
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