1 3 1 3 explain why personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink

Lowering the Risks with the Right Personal Protective Equipment

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Meet food safety requirements Essay Sample

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Personal protective equipment

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Healthcare-associated infections: prevention and control in primary and community care

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As part of the requirements of Clinical Governance, all staff must receive The type of protective clothing worn should be based on a risk.

Unit of competency details

Personal protective clothing and equipment provided for staff members should include disposable gloves, and coveralls for staff members involved with food handling.

Personal protective clothing should be worn to protect food from contamination, such as, dust and hair Surfaces, utensils and equipment must be cleaned in order to remove matter in which bacteria grows and preventing cross contamination.

Source: National Food Service Management Institute (). Healthy Cuisine for Kids Workshop Trainer's Manual The University of Mississippi: NFSMI. Taken from What's Cooking?

Should you buy used clothing?

A fact sheet for the Child and Adult Care Food Program, Volume 1, Number 3, National Food Service Management Institute, The University of Mississippi. Food handlers should be properly trained in safe food handling.

Good personal hygiene can prevent food poisoning. Bacteria that cause food poisoning can be on everyone – even healthy people.

1 3 1 3 explain why personal protective clothing should be worn when handling food and drink
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PI28/PI Personal Protective Equipment for Handling Pesticides